Music Festivals and Awards


Canadian Music Festivals and Awards

A number of music festivals and awards are organized in Canada on an annual basis, including the Armstrong Metal Fest, Bass Coast, Canadian Music Week, Boots and Hearts Music Festival.


The Canadian Music Week is a big event that is organized in Toronto and offers participants the unique opportunity to watch shows and performances in halls, bars, and other venues. The event showcases award shows, conferences, summits, and tradeshows. Awards include the Radio Music, Life Music, and Industry Awards, and others. Celebrity participants include names such as The Exies, Cassius Khan, Public Enemy, Alan Parsons, David Foster.

The Boots and Hearts Music Festival is a camping and country music festival organized on an annual basis since 2012 in two main locations, the Burl’s Creek Events Grounds and Oro-Medonte. It is a multi-day event that features a combination of a farmer’s market, VIP offerings, meets and greets, shows, and more. Notable participants in 2019 include Kip Moore, Kane Brown, Maren Morris, Miranda Lambert, and Jason Aldean. Festival partners are companies and brands such as Jack Daniels, Palm Bay, Jack Link’s, and Weather Guard.

The Armstrong Metal Fest is a big event that welcomes domestic and international performers and is held in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Sponsors and partners include the Broken Neck Radio, Right Hook Mics, The Green, and others. Notable participants include bands and performers such as Death Toll Rising, Into Eternity, The Zenith Passage, Rivers of Nihil, and many others. When it comes to food and drinks, there are onsite vendors and plenty of dining venues and shops within walking distance to the Hassen Area. Healthcare professionals are also available in case of accidents, injuries, and other health problems. Other big festivals held in Canada include the Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Amnesia Rockfest, Capital Hoedown.


A number of awards are awarded in different categories, including the Canadian Folk Music Awards, Calixa-Lavallée Award‎, and Juno Awards. The Juno Awards are awarded on an annual basis to bands and performers for outstanding achievements. Awards are divided into multiple categories such as Electronic Album of the Year, Blues Album of the Year, Pop Album of the Year, and many others. First organized in 1970, notable winners include performers and bands such as Shawn Mendes, Gord Downie, Arcade Fire, and The Beaches, to name a few.

The Canadian Folk Music Awards are also organized on an annual basis since 2005. Host cities include Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Saint John, Winnipeg, and others. Awards fall in different categories for achievements in roots and contemporary music and traditional folk music genres. Categories include World Group, World Solo, Contemporary Singer, Instrumental Group, and Children’s Album. Only eligible artists who are landed immigrants or Canadian citizens may submit their work. Foreign nationals who have lived at least two years in Canada also meet the criteria. Visitors enjoy multiple events such as jam sessions, workshops, performances and gala performances, nominee showcases, and others. Past winners include bands and performers such as The Fretless, Jayme Stone, Cassie and Maggie, Fred Penner, and Braden Gates. The Canadian Folk Music Awards have multiple sponsors, among which The Calgary Folk Club, Northern Lights Folk Club, The Canada Council for the Arts.

Canadian Talent Agencies, Organizations, and Foundations

Talent agencies, organizations, and foundations in Canada help individuals to find jobs as choreographers, dancers, models, musicians, and actors. Customers find work as makeup and hair artists, costume designers, production designers, photography directors, etc. They work across industries such as voice, television, commercials, film, and others. Agencies and organizations also represent the interests of creative film workers, actors, and other professionals working across industries, including feature and movies of the week films, sitcoms, pilots, TV commercials.

Regulations and Licensing

Regulations vary by location but agencies are usually asked to submit an application together with a licensing fee, copy of a contract, and bond. In British Columbia, for example, agencies submit applications for licensing with the Employment Standard Branch Office, and licenses are renewed on an annual basis. Bonding takes different forms, including letter of credit and cash.

Talent Agencies

Agencies help professionals find employment, whether shows and stage performances, scripts, tours, or concerts. There are sports, journalist, literary, and modeling agencies that specialize in celebrity, talent, and model management. The Talent House, for example, works with artists across industries, including stage design, voice over, commercials, television, film, and theatre. Based in New York and Toronto, the agency works with talented professionals from countries in Asia, North America, and Europe. Headquartered in Vancouver, the Kirk Talent Agency is a member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and the Talent Agencies and Managers Association of Canada. The company was founded back in 1989 and works to find employment opportunities for customers in Australia, Europe, and North America. The agency liaisons with professionals across different industries, including casting directors, producers, studios, and others. The Choice Talent Agency is based in Toronto and offers professional services and advice on Internet exposure, headshots, building a resume, and plenty more. Carrier Talent Management was founded in 1989 and works across industries such as independent feature and studio films, television, musical theatre, video gaming, animation, and others. Headquartered in Vancouver, the company partners with agencies in Montreal and Toronto, Canada and the U.S. and welcomes submissions by professionals in different fields. Next Canada is a modeling agency with offices in Montreal and Toronto that has worked with top models such as Yasmin Warsame, Kim Cloutier, Jenna Earle, Crista Cober, and many others. Models are welcome to apply online and are asked to upload a full length shot, waist-up shot, and profile and face shot. Models can also visit the agency’s offices in Montreal and Toronto and are advised to wear minimal makeup and simple clothes.

The Amanda Rosenthal Talent Agency is based in Montreal and Toronto and works across different fields, including animation, voice over, theatre, television, film, and commercials. The company works with professionals in the U.S. and Canada and welcomes submissions by email, including demo reel packages, resumes, and headshots. Submissions by referral are also welcomed. The team includes industry professionals with previous experience as production coordinators, lighting designers, stage managers, etc.


The Talent Agencies and Managers Association of Canada is a nation-wide association that represents professionals and agencies and helps promote their interests. The association collaborates with agencies in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver that work with writers, directors, choreographers, and actors. TAMAC offers information about guilds and unions and support and industry associations. The association is also the host of the Talent Management Summit which is held in Toronto on an annual basis. Guest speakers discuss topics such as inclusion and diversity, performance management, leadership development, and many others. Participants include human resource chief executives, HR research directors, and other professionals.

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